International relations

AREMA cooperates with other higher education institutions and research organizations at home and in the world to design and implement joint scientific research projects, study programs, exchange of higher education teachers, scientific and other workers, exchange of students, exchange of scientific and professional publications, scientific information, participation in scientific meetings, symposia and conferences and other higher education activities.

The development of education at the institution follows current European trends and recommendations, and the design of the educational offer is tailored to the offer of related institutions abroad and, above all, to the needs of employers - domestic and foreign, which enables graduates to compete for employment in the international labor market.

Integration within the Republic of Slovenia and with regionally comparable pedagogical research institutions and training bases is based on established criteria and recommendations for providing better conditions and increasing the level of internationalization of education, which means that at the institution updating of educational programs and openness to novelties is the basic guideline for establishing a respectable position, with respect to similar educational institutions in Slovenia, the EU and beyond.

The agreements provide semester or full-year study at a partner university abroad. Student exchange processes take place through International Cooperation. We consider the principle of reciprocity in the exchange of students.

The subjects of the study program are evaluated according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and the program is comparable to similar ones at other higher education institutions abroad, which enables effective integration into the higher education or higher education institutions,  international exchange of students (eg under Socrates - Erasmus programs, or under bilateral agreements). In addition, the exchange of students is also possible for the purposes of practical training and / or training, education and for the purpose of graduation abroad (eg under the Leonardo da Vinci program).

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Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency, Hungary

University of Applied Sciences – FH Joanneum, Austria

European Commision 
Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy

Delft University, The Netherlands

Rezultat iskanja slik za politehnika baltazar zaprešić
Politehnika Baltazar Zaprešić, Croatia

Erasmus +

In 2016, AREMA obtained an ERASMUS University Charter (Erasmus University Charter-EUC). The Erasmus document number is 270495-EPP-1-2016-1-SI-EPPKA3-ECHE and the Erasmus ID code is SI ROGASKA01.