Management of transport logistics (B. sc.)

The study program of TRANSPORT LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT is a higher education professional program (1st Bologna degree), lasts three (3) years and contains 180 ECTS. The study program has no modules and no direction. It complies with the requirements and principles of Bologna education. In its content and subject-specific competencies, it contains elements of areas such as business and administrative sciences, information, economy, law, management, logistics and transport services.

The purpose of the study program is to educate and equip students to transfer theoretical knowledge into practice, to relate and complement them. The complexity of the study program is oriented so that students are constantly acquainted with the content of each course, at lectures, seminars and other exercises and with their own work deepen, understand and know how to use it in practical work. This is constantly checked by teaching staff, professional staff and mentors who evaluate and stimulate students.

The basic objective of the study program is education and training of personnel in all structures of economy, non-economy and public administration (at national and lower levels) in the field of business sciences, economics, and law in transport logistics.

The study program covers organized forms of study work and individual work of the student. It consists of compulsory courses, electives and project work. The prescribed teaching units that are implemented as organized forms of study work are lectures, tutorials and practical training. The individual study work of a student includes real-time work, writing project / seminar papers and reports, studying literature, preparing for exams and writing a thesis.