Quality assurance

The institution has clear quality goals, which are further explained in the Mission, vision and strategy and the Quality rules of the institution (strategies, procedures and measures for the continuous quality improvement). In them the role of the leaders, employees and the students is examined. The strategy, procedures and measures will be updated and formally passed at meetings of the institutions authorities.

The institution executes a self evaluation on an annual basis, by individual content and in the joint report. The institution also has a Quality Commission, which performs a monitoring on the activities on time and regularly informs the stakeholders about the results. The results of the self evaluation and the monitoring are the foundation for improvements and the identification of opportunities. They are also showing potential weaknesses, which will be eliminated based on the reports.

The quality goals of the institution can be briefly summarized in:

  • Dedication to education and training of qualitative regional managers with high ethical standards,
  • To promote, distribute and create new knowledge and skills for a responsible and sustainable guidance of regional resources, which are manly for the success of the regional economy and the development of different communities in this regions,
  • Strengthening of the sustainable development and the conservation of natural resources,
  • Strengthening of the link between regions, the economy and the academic institutions,
  • Development of the intellectual independency and the research freedom,
  • Understanding and responding to the real questions of the higher education,
  • Working in the best interest of the local, national and global community,
  • Search for answers to continues changing cultural, educational, economic and social environment as well in Slovenia as in Europe and the whole world.
  • Support for the local stability with the incorporation of all key stakeholders in the region into the activities f the institution,
  • Application-oriented study courses, where the students will be able to use to knowledge form the educational and research process and the project work in practice.